Foam Rolling with Sandy

Stretching, Core Work, & Self-Myofacial Release Therapy


WHAT: Foam Roller Class – Stretching, Core Work, and Self-Myofascial Release Therapy

WHEN: Tuesdays, 8:45a.m.-9:45a.m.

WHERE: Lower West Rec Center

COST: $50/6 classes

WHAT TO BRING: Yoga mat and a foam roller (see below)

This class uses movements from Yoga to increase flexibility and balance; movements from Pilates to build core strength; and movements from myofascial release therapy to target trigger points soothing and releasing tight muscles.

Foam rolling has been shown to be beneficial in reducing chance of injury and increasing recovery by hydrating the muscles with increased blood flow and breaking up adhesions between skin, muscles and bones. Range of motion is greatly increased, and the bottom line is, you just feel and move better in your body.

I am a Yoga Alliance certified instructor, certified in Mat Pilates, and ACE certified as a personal trainer. I developed this class in conjunction with the physical therapists at a health care facility where I taught for 18 years.

This is a “feel good” class, but sooooo good for your body. Come roll with us! The only requirements are a foam roller (which you will love having at home to do self massage)and a yoga mat. Feel free to come and try a class to see if foam rolling is for you. Questions? Call Sandy at 636-532-4690 or email at