Support Your Local Board – Volunteer For Your Local Board!

New Board Members will be required for the New Year very shortly.

This is a reminder to boards/nominating committees and members that it is once again time convince association members to serve on the Board for the coming year. Many times this is a hard job as members have other things they would rather be doing.

All association members should remember that the reason they have time for many activities is because other members are working on their behalf.

Not only is a term served on your board a rewarding experience but also a commitment you accepted when you moved into a maintained area.

REMEMBER: This is your HOME and only YOU, an association member can keep it nice.

All Board Members and prospective Board Members should review the first part of the LOMAA Handbook through Section 1. The basic duties and responsibilities are outlined and it is a good guide to a successful term.

The LOMAA Board is prepared to assist new and returning Board Members with advice and suggestions (learned the hard way by previous association board members and reported to LOMAA). Contact the LOMAA Board President or other Board Member.

Next Board Meeting, Monday, January 7, 2019, 12:00 PM, Room B


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