Wine Tasting Fun!
Ever wonder why in the heart of Sonoma wine country there is not an exciting wine tasting club in Oakmont? So did we – that’s why a group of your Oakmont neighbors started the Tastings Events Club (‘TEC’).

If you’ve enjoyed wine for years or are just acquiring a taste for wine, the TEC is an opportunity for you to explore your interest in wine and food in an entertaining setting with fellow Oakmonters.

The Tasting Events Club focuses on good wine, good food, good friends, but most of all ….FUN. The TEC was started with the pledge that we are not going to be stuffy or overly serious about wine, and especially about tasting ‘rituals’. We want to be a group of people who can explore our curiosity and interest in wine while having enjoyable moments with fellow Oakmonters.
TEC events will feature wines from the Sonoma Valley (and Napa too!) as well as from wineries around the world. The events will offer Oakmonters opportunities to interact with winemakers, experts and your neighbors. Each wine tasting will have a targeted theme; from a specific region (Sonoma to South Africa) or a specific varietal (Chardonnay to Carménère) or even specific vintages (recent to aged). We will involve wine retailers for wines from around the world as well as local Sonoma wineries, especially our neighbors off Highway 12
At each event you can expect a lively discussion on the aroma, taste, sensory experience and the overall likes and dislikes of each wine selected. There is no “right” wine answer – just thoughts from people like you. And each event includes an easy and fun trivia game which gives participants a chance to compete informally and even win a ‘prize’.
The TEC’s first event in March from a local boutique supplier, Wine Spies, featured French wines from Bordeaux and Loire. The Club negotiated with the retailer to get wines at a significant discount, with participants purchasing directly from the retailer and wines delivered to Oakmonters homes. The intense hour on Zoom, with wines in their hands at home, resulted in lively discussions, trivia polling and ‘guessing’ had 32 Oakmonters compete informally leading to three winners!
The next TEC event in June, will feature wines from local boutique Sonoma wineries, selected by Sonoma Wine Shop. The ‘blind’ tasting of two varietals (Chardonnay and Pinot Noir) from six different wineries, shipped in numbered 4oz sealed bottles, will ‘test’ our taste buds, knowledge and imagination as we guess and attempt to win prizes generously offered by the Sonoma Wine Shop.
For now, we are holding Zoom events so you can participate from the safety of your home, but soon TEC will be coming to an Oakmont Rec Center with wine, paired food, and fellow Oakmonters. While the Zoom events enables purchase directly from the retailer, our in-person events will have a ‘shared’ cost approach for each event. We will also negotiate an opportunity for you to buy the featured wines directly from the retailer or winery at a discount. At present we do not have Club Membership Fees; participate as often as you would like.
Watch for announcements in the Oakmont News or drop us an email at: and we will keep you posted on future Wine tasting events.


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