Table Tennis 6-15-2019

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Prepared by Young Ran Kim

Front Table: Jeff Clemence, Young Ran Kim, Jim Ouimette and HaeSook Lounibos

Rare Table: Keith Sauer, June Liebling, Ron Levy and Phyllis Guttman

Front Table: Richard Russell, Ruth Snyder, Jim Ouimette, Jeff Clemence

Rare Table: Phyllis Guttman, Keith Sauer, Ai Low, HaeSook Lounibos

We have a very active Table Tennis (ping-pong) Club in Oakmont Village. We play on the second floor of West Recreation Center according to the following schedule;

Current Schedule:

Wednesday: 12:00 to 2:30 PM

Thursday: 3:00 to 5:30 PM

Friday: 3:00 to 5:30 PM.

Sunday: Noon to 1:30 is by prearrangement to bring your own partner. From 1:30 to 4:30 is regular opetrn play.

There are numerous benefits of playing this enjoyable Olympic sport.

1. Health and Fitness: Playing this sport gets the heart rate up. Played at the higher levels, it’s one of the fastest sports around. Just a couple of hours a day, two or three times a week hitting that little ping-pong balls can do wonders for your fitness.

2. Keeps You Mentally Sharp: As you get older, ping-pong is good for the brain. There is an awful lot of thinking, fast brain-to-hand coordination, planning, and strategizing going on while playing, all of which helps keep your brain active!

3. You Can Play Anytime: Table tennis is an indoor, non-seasonal sport. You can play it all year round, rain or snow, hot and cold, day or night, and you don’t have to worry about bad weather or exposure to those harmful UV rays.

4. You Don’t Have to Spend a Fortune:  There is no fee to play at our club. We provide paddles for new comers free of charge and balls are provided by OVA. A basic ping-pong paddle can be bought for around $35-$50 USD, and will give good service while learning the game. A good racket for intermediate and advanced play would usually be around $100-$150 USD. Even the most expensive of professional rackets wouldn’t be much more than a couple of hundred dollars. We also have a ball machine (Robo-pong) whoever wants to practice to learn or improve own skills.

5. Enjoy yourself: its fun! Table tennis is a wonderful sport to take up for life. It’s easy to play, yet difficult to master. You’ll always have another challenge to look forward to, and another mountain to climb.

In conclusion,

As a complex game of mind, soul and body, table tennis is one of the most beneficial sports, improving mental and physical condition alike. Everybody can benefit from table tennis, which makes a table tennis an excellent investment for your well-being. Come to join us to play, improve your mental and physical capabilities and enjoy yourself.Come to play with us to exercise and have lots of fun. We have four tables and we usually play doubles. Four people will occupy each table at any time and the losing team will have to yield to other players. If there are people waiting, the winning team has to yield the table after two games. We could organize Clinique if there are enough people who are interested. Please contact Tom Gilmer at 791-7448 or Ruthie Snyder at 230-2491.



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