Tai Chi for Beginners (12/1/10218)

by Dr. Katy Ha Faculty at Sonoma State University

 Do join us for our beginners workshop of 5 classes that meet on Thursdays at 9 to 10am at the Berger Center, Room G.  Classes do not have to be consecutive in case you have other appointments to  attend to.  Tuition is $75 for the series and you can start at anytime.  Class is directed toward improving balance and breathing, perfect for the novice  who has always been intrigued by  the practice of  this ancient meditation in movement.  Preregistration is required so please call me at 707 318 5284. I will love to encourage you and answer any questions you might have about this delightful Chinese exercise.


Tai Chi for Beginners

Do join us for our 5 week workshop for the beginning student of Tai Chi  especially if you are working on improving your balance and

Tai Chi for Beginners (4/1/2019)

Better breathing and balance are our goals in this 5 week workshop. We meet Thursdays at 9am in Room G of Berger Center. Do preregister

Tai Chi for Beginners (3/15/2019)

Do join us for a fun and restful beginning tai chi class which will improve your balance, reduce your stress and increase your agility with