Tai Chi for Beginners 9/15/2018

  • Dr. Kate Ha, Faculty at SSU
Won’t you come and join our beginning Tai Chi class to improve your balance and breathing? The secrets and mysteries of this ancient meditation in movement practice of the Orient are available right here in Oakmont. I have been practicing Tai Chi for 47 years and love to share my enthusiasm with all ages and abilities. We meet on Thursdays from 9–10 a.m. in the Berger Center. Tuition is $75 for a five-class workshop and you do not have to attend on consecutive Thursdays in case you have another appointment to go to. Pre-registration is required so please call me at 318-5284 to join. I have been teaching this class in Oakmont for 31 years and I love nothing more than encouraging other seniors to try this peaceful practice studied by millions all over the world. I am waiting for your call.


Tai Chi for Beginners

Do join us for our 5 week workshop for the beginning student of Tai Chi  especially if you are working on improving your balance and

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Better breathing and balance are our goals in this 5 week workshop. We meet Thursdays at 9am in Room G of Berger Center. Do preregister

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