Tasting, having fun, and learning about ‘Bubbles’

Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th
Sparkling Bubbles at Tasting Events Club on December 16th

We tasted a $150 Champagne and compared it ‘blind’ to others in the $50 to $15 range! Exciting, fun, and enlightening! This was at our long-anticipated holiday event, on December 16th, themed: “Bubbles: Champagne and Sparkling Wines”.

First it was exciting to taste ‘blind’. Rating based just on our individual ‘nose’ and tastebuds; learning about sparkling winemaking and playing a few fun Champagne-related trivia, led to an exhilarating contest, resulted in a winner! Our fellow Oakmonter, Charlene Bunas, went home with a smile and a $80 bottle of Champagne, a Billecart-Salmon Rose!

Additionally, we gained insight that our individual tastes do not seem to care about the price of the wine or the prestige of the wine label. In fact, many in our group rated two of the lowest price sparkling wines (non-Champagnes!) to be their ‘favorite’ and with high ‘like’ scores! What about the $150 vintage Champagne? That was a surprise! In Vino Veritas!

The event featured four ‘value’ buys: ($15 to $25): Roederer Estate; Gruet; Baron-Fuenté and Antech. And two ‘exclusive’ Champagnes ($50 – $150): Bollinger and a 2002 Billecart-Salmon. All these wines were paired by homemade selection of fine canapés made from smoked salmon, brie cheese as well as spanakopita. The event, limited to 40 Oakmonters and priced at just $40 per person, was sold out on EventBrite, in just 90 minutes after going on sale!

For 2022, we are planning four events and formalizing Club membership and associated benefits for members. Stay tuned via Oakmont News and E-Blasts.

Want to know more about the Dec 16th event, plans for four more in 2022? And get involved? Send us an email at Tastings.Club@gmail.com


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