Technology and Our Ability to Age in Place

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Next meeting – Thursday, February 14, 2019
5:30-7:00 PM in Room B in the CAC.

The “Exploring Our Future in Oakmont” Club meeting in January focused on transportation technology.  The most interesting insight was that the actual structure of the future “driverless vehicle” world may be more impacted by how the market emerges than by technology.  Will we share vehicles like private airplane owners share airplanes?

Our next meeting will discuss how Technology impacts our ability to Age in Place.  This will be an open discussion with an opportunity for all to share their insights.  We’ll also have a short introduction to Artificial Intelligence.

Survey Results – How do YOU rate on modern technology?

The Future is NOW

The first results of our technology survey are in!

Virtually everyone who responded

  • Has a “SmartPhone” (iPhone or Android)
  • Internet streams their TV (devices like Roku)
  • Uses car navigation systems (most using systems installed on their car)
  • Uses a patient portal for personal medical information

About half of those who responded

  • Use a wearable device (like Fitbit)
  • Use a voice assistant on their SmartPhone (like Siri)
  • Have an internet controlled “Smart Home” device (thermostat, light, camera)
  • Have used an Uber or Lyft App

And one person has ridden in a driverless vehicle!

We’re continuing the survey.   If you’d like to see how you stack up with other residents, send your email to us at and we’ll include you in the study.

If you’d like to understand these technologies better, you are welcome to come to our group meetings.  A “SmartPhone” like an iPhone or Android is a critical element in staying active in our modern world. If you don’t have a “SmartPhone”, consider buying a older model iPhone, perhaps one that has been refurbished (while new iPhones might cost upwards of $1,000, a refurbished iPhone 6 is listed on Amazon for $165).  After buying your phone, consider signing up for a Introduction course at Oakmont’s Technology Learning Center to help understand how to use it.

The Futures Club is working in Special Interest Groups.  There are major topic groups: “Smart Home”, “Smart Devices”, Transportation, and Medical.  There are also background groups: “Artificial Intelligence”, “Privacy vs Personalization”, and “Aging in Place”.  If you’d like to be part of one of these groups, just email us and we’ll get you in touch with the group leader.


Quantum Computing is here!

Wednesday, February 24, 2021 4PM While today’s ‘classical’ digital computers are pervasive ….a complementary world of quantum computing is now here! Join Mihir Parikh, PhD

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Want to keep up with how technology is changing our lives? Tune in to our meetings and be informed. Last season’s topics were vaccines, streaming