I was reading several articles recently and came upon some interesting conversations on the ongoing debate between tennis and pickleball players as to which is more fun and better for you.

Tennis is a wonderful game because you can play it pretty much any way you want. You can play very casually, hitting balls that land in your hitting zone or you can try and emulate pro players, running up to every ball and trying to hit with every ounce of strength you have. This gives tennis the ability to give you a workout of your choosing while being very fun and engaging.

If you travel and like to keep yourself on a fitness routine, you will find a tennis court almost everywhere. You might have to pack a pickleball court along with you with an extra paddle and balls just so someone might play with you. No matter where you go , there will be tennis courts and you will usually find someone happy to hit with you.

I am told pickleball is a lot of fun, even if not as strenuous, so I’ll concede you’ll enjoy yourself at either, but please don’t give up on tennis just because you’ve started playing pickleball. I know, many of you will say they are completely different games but if you started your life playing tennis, you can handle the subtle differences, and the community you find in tennis, especially here at Oakmont, is very welcoming and, rumor has it, there might even be friendships being made that involve food and maybe even some alcohol.

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