Tennis Club 8-1-2019

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Ruth Layne

Lots of Love on the Courts at Sparklers vs. Rockets

A beautiful day for Sparklers vs. Rockets

If you think those young kids Federer and Djokovic have stamina, you should have seen our OTC players during our recent tennis event in NorCal summer heat. We have folks here who just never say quit!

The sounds of tennis balls popping off strings, a little light-hearted banter, and a whole lot of laughter pervaded the West courts as OTC members met in the July 13 Sparklers and Rockets tennis tournament. By 9 o’clock teams were formed and matches started, as we did our best to get a jump on the rising temperatures. Both mixed and same gender teams met in round robin play of shortened sets, allowing three matches per team. With 18 players showing up, organizer Edilberto Loaiza, did a great job of subbing people in and out to give everyone playing time, and get folks off the court who needed to leave. Although the Sparklers won the overall match, the games were always competitive and super fun.

Doug Smith popped in with his freshly picked plums. Fred Merrill and Jon and Joan Kline provided a nice lunch and drinks to cool down with afterwards. The organizers gave out red, white and blue bandanas so players could wet them and cool down. If you have not participated in one of these tournaments, do yourself a favor and sign up for the next available meet. It’s a blast!

Impromptu Tennis Possibilities for Those With Initiative

Last off the court: Ron Holladay, Yvonne Alexander, Peter Hogan and Eva McGinn

Why not take advantage of cool evenings, from around 5 to dusk, to play. Temperatures drop significantly as the sun lowers, yet folks apparently don’t think to go out and play. Use the roster or substitute list or call on old faithful tennis partners to organize a match. Better yet, host a TEN-BEER get together. All you need for ten-beer is for one person to contact a group of friends specifying a time and place, then interested folks show up with their rackets, some easy munchies to share, some personal beverages, and, voila, you have a tennis and beer event (wine works too). Try it—it’s cool!

Board to Review Roll of Honor Nominations

Nominations for the Roll of Honor award, given to a club member who has made outstanding contributions to tennis at Oakmont over many years, were closed July 31. The board wishes to thank members who have submitted names for consideration. The board will review the nominations at their August meeting,

and if they determine a worthy nominee, the award will be presented at the November 15 year-end party.

Men’s Tournament

Gentlemen, get those rackets ready! It’s time to get new strings if needed, before the September 14 Men’s Doubles Tournament. Save the date and start practicing. You know you want to beat your best bud on the court.



SAVE THE DATE: JULY 14 The Oakmont Pétanque Club has tentatively scheduled its first tournament for 2021, the Bastille Day Tournament, for Bastille Day, Wednesday,

Oakmont Canine Club News

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