Tennis Club: Army Navy Tourney, Dues, & Dates To Save

  • Ruth Layne

Army-Navy goes up in Smoke: Invasive smoke from the Camp Fire resulted in the cancellation of the Army Navy Tournament. After an attempt to reschedule was thwarted by the lingering smoke, the decision was made not to pursue a third date. Captains, we’ll hope to see you again next year.

OTC Dues: Want good value for your money? Join or renew your membership in the Oakmont Tennis Club. Twenty dollars per year gives you entree to fabulous social events, tournaments, interclub tennis, drop-in tennis, tennis lessons, and surprise tennis activities. Additionally, you can use the club’s ball machines to improve your game and the substitute lists to find players. Paying dues before January 1 helps the Board plan for the next year’s activities. So, don’t procrastinate. Fill out the coupon below and drop it in the Tennis Club folder in the OVA office ASAP. For more information about OTC membership, contact Joan Kline at 650-279-2750 or

Save the Date: February 15 will be the first social event of 2019. Complete details are not yet available, but you can count on good food, good drink, and good company in the Berger Center. Watch for specifics in future issues.

Baby, it’s Cold Outside: The days are shorter and the rains have come, but that doesn’t stop us. We still play tennis; we just play smarter!
For instance, most folks like to play early in the day. In fact, it can be very difficult to find a free court at 9:00 a.m. on any given day. This is partly convenience, but it is also how we avoid overheating in the hot California climate. But why not take advantage of the afternoons during these mild winter months? You can avoid overcrowding, chilly temperatures, and the dangers of wet court surfaces by moving your match time a couple of hours later. Try it!
No matter what time you play, cooler weather means you should be more observant of warm-up rituals. Before taking the court, warm up the body with dynamic stretch activities like jogging and side steps, arm circles and crosses, and trunk rotations. A quick web search will provide numerous suggestions. Also, extend the time spent hitting lightly with your partner before starting your match. You’ll prepare your brain and body better for actual match shots, and you’ll get a feel for how the ball is bouncing in the cooler air. Unfortunately, injuries are common and of longer duration, so give your body a break and warm it up well before starting your match.


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