Tennis Club: Dinner Dance, Summer Johnson, & MVP Named

  • Ruth Layne

Dinner Dance a Huge Success: The joint was jumping with the Rock and Roll Rhythm Review when the OTC gathered for its year-end celebration at Berger. We started with a 21-balloon salute, followed by the awards ceremony. In addition to Honor Roll and MVP honorees, board changes were recognized. Neil Linneball was lauded for six years of dedicated service as ex-oficio president, president, and vice-president. Terri Somers was thanked for her indefatigable contributions as outgoing president (now ex-oficio) of the club. Jon Kline, incoming president, introduced the new board. In keeping with the USO theme, the awards ceremony was followed by a mess hall style meal, catered by members of the Juvenile Probation Camp. If you want to be part of the fun, fill out and submit your membership form below.

Sumner Johnson Recognized: A highlight of the evening was the presentation of the Roll of Honor plaque to Sumner Johnson in recognition of his many years of service to the Oakmont Tennis Club. Sumner and his wife, Edeltraud Petermann, have been members of the OTC for over 20 years, during which Sumner has contributed to the club in a variety of ways, big and small. He has been the director of events and tournaments, as well as the organizer of inter-club tennis. He played USTA for over 20 years, and was a member of the 1996 Oakmont Men’s USTA Tennis Team that took 2nd place in the Nationals in Orlando, Florida. To this day he continues his active support of the club by hosting drop-in tennis every Saturday morning and helping out with tournaments and other events. The award, presented by past president and Honor Roll winner, John Gray, is in well-deserved recognition of Sumner’s outstanding presence in the Oakmont tennis community.

Zlatica Hasa Named MVP: Until next year, shocking pink, the color of the 2018 roster cover, is my favorite color. For years now, Zlatica Hasa has volunteered her time and energy to produce this booklet for the tennis club. She spends countless hours throughout the year updating spreadsheets on the membership, entering and deleting names as necessary, and encouraging folks to renew their membership in a timely manner. The end result of her efforts is the annual Tennis Club Roster, which contains the answers to most of our questions. In quintessential Hasa rhyme, husband George presented her the plaque for Most Valuable Person in recognition of Zlatica’s diligence, reliability, and generous efforts on our behalf.


OTC Membership Form


Number of members at $20 each: ________Check amount enclosed: _______

Member #1 Name: _______________________________________________

Phone Number: ___________Email Address: __________________________

Member #2 (if applicable) Name: ____________________________________

Phone Number: ___________ Email Address: __________________________

Oakmont Address: _______________________________________________

Place form and check payable to Oakmont Tennis Club in the Tennis Club folder in the OVA office

John Gray presents Sumner Johnson with the Honor Roll Award
Zlatica Hasa shows her MVP Award


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