By Mary Blake

I’m writing this on the first day of a new year, January 1, 2021. Of course, changing the numbers on a calendar doesn’t automatically make anything different, but this still seems like a good time to look for hope.

There are always so many articles telling us what to do in the new year. Most I found said “don’t make resolutions – they don’t last.” Instead, try to learn and build on what went well last year. Don’t look at what you did wrong and try to fix that. Look at what you and others did right and learn and build on that.

Bowling in the rain, May 2019.
Jim Krause, Bob Stephens, Pam Dempsey, Janet Johnson and Topher Gayle

I haven’t been bowling this year, and I do regret that. Time has just disappeared in so many ways. And most of what I have to show for the passing of a year are new wrinkles and much longer hair.

But I can say thanks to some of my lawn bowling friends. The order here is totally irrelevant:
Thank you to Jim K for always being there no matter what. It’s always impossible to list everything Jim does, just figure that if you need help, he’ll do his best to be there.

Thank you to Bob S and Steve P for joining our 2021 board of directors!

Thank you to Bonnie for bringing compassion to our club and for helping make sure we were well fed.

And thanks to Mark for doing what he can to keep us all bowling.

Jeff Vanderheyden and Tom Ternullo, May 2019

Thank you to Marilyn and Jerry. Marilyn has had to manage our club during a particularly difficult time. Both have done their best to keep us bowling.

Thank you to Jeana who connected our club with children in need over the holidays, for our socials, and for our lawn bowling clothing. And I love watching her bowl. She has such a delicate but sure touch.

Thank you to Jodi who will someday be allowed to bring hugs and smiles back to our club.

Thank you to Eva and Linda P and Juan who brought one of my favorite foods (devilled eggs) to our tournament days. I’m not too sure if I showed up to bowl or to eat. And I must thank Jim K for bringing donuts. And Liliane for her wonderful French pastries.

Thank you to Bob D for bringing rules, regulations, and strategies for better bowling.

Thank you to Tom who brings calm and patience to lawn bowling and because it’s a joy to watch him bowl!

Thank you to Phil and Topher for doing many, many of these articles.

I’ve hit my word limit and I know I’ve missed a lot. Email me with your thoughts and thanks.


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