President’s Message: Thank You

I have wonderful news! Today’s President’s Message – my final one – will be short.

Also, even better, independent counsel has certified this message to be free of all philosophizing, preaching and existential musing. That’s why it’s so short.

Instead, today, I simply want to thank everyone who has helped me throughout my term. I’ve learned so much from so many of you that, now that I’m on my way out, I’m finally beginning to feel qualified for this role.

To those whose emails, texts, cards, phone messages, in-person thank-yous, champagne and amazingly tasty freshly baked bread and asparagus soup crossed my path since I announced my plans to leave the board, your kindness has been overwhelming and incredibly humbling. I am not worthy (but more bread and soup will nonetheless be gratefully accepted).

To our committee members – volunteers all – thanks for your willingness to take time away from your family, friends and hobbies to improve our community. Your continual, critically important work keeps our dues low and our spirits high.

To the staff, you are the glue that holds this community together. I doubt I’ve ever had – or will have again – the privilege of witnessing such dedicated customer service. You make everyone you encounter feel special. I can’t think of a better legacy for any of us.

And finally, to my fellow board members – past and present – it’s been a privilege and a lot of fun to serve with you. With your continuing care and thoughtful policy, Oakmont is in great hands.

I’ve heard speculation I’m leaving Oakmont, but that’s not true. I’ll be around. In addition to being lucky enough that my beloved life partner Elaine still seems to enjoy my company, we have two sons and two grandsons in the area. To better navigate this curious world of ours, the grandkids need to learn to cope with frustration, so I plan to teach them to play golf.

Happy holidays, everyone. May 2021 bring you peace, joy and vaccines – while helping us forget 2020 as quickly as possible.