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Live Lecture and Q&A at 10:30 on Zoom January 10 at 10:30 – Protecting Ocean Wildlife

Jan 10, 2021 – Lance Morgan, PhD: Beginning with our first lecture on January 10, the Oakmont Sunday Symposium will return to our normal time – 10:30.

We’ll be holding a Zoom meeting at 10:30 on Sundays, with a live lecture followed by a Q&A session. Check our website ( for log-in information.

Join us for our first lecture of 2021. Lance Morgan will talk about Protecting Ocean Wildlife. Dr. Morgan is President of the Marine Conservation Institute and on the faculty of the Bodega Marine Laboratory.

The ocean is the Earth’s biggest life support system and contains over 95% of the habitable space on the planet. The oxygen for every second breath we take comes from our ocean, and it is critical to regulating our climate. Healthy marine ecosystems are essential for human survival, wealth and well-being. A 2019 report highlighted the accelerating loss of biodiversity and called for a paradigm shift in how we approach nature conservation. Protecting marine biodiversity and maintaining functioning ecosystems in the face of overfishing, habitat destruction, climate change and other human impacts is an existential challenge that Marine Conservation Institute is dedicated to solving by securing permanent, strong protection for our oceans.

Dr. Morgan will address these challenges and the work of his organization to create a worldwide system of strongly protected areas – Blue Parks – to recover the diversity of marine life. Governments have targeted 2020 as a key milestone for ocean protection under international agreements, even while new threats, such as deep-sea mining are emerging. From the Sonoma coast to the high seas Dr. Morgan will discuss the progress being made to protect marine life.

Featured image by the Marine Conservation Institute