Three Prominent Jazz Musicians

  • Dolora DeGeer Hurst

On June 14th, the Oakmont Jazz Club is presenting a concert featuring three of the outstanding musicians of our time. BOBBE NORRIS and LARRY DUNLAP have added the remarkable singer KENNY WASHINGTON to their June program! The San Francisco Chronicle has called Kenny Washington the
“Superman of the Bay Area jazz scene”, a vocalist with a supple tenor that glides effortlessly into the stratosphere.” Kenny sings with a range of four octaves. His playful, free approach to any tune is truly awe inspiring. His tone on ballads is liquid, his scat is so rapid-fire, passionate, melodious and inventive that subsequent saxophone solos often pale. His intonation is so precise that it becomes noticeable if the piano was not tuned that day. His range seems limitless. With a childhood background singing in gospel, Kenny is at home with the blues as well as Jazz. It is rare to hear three musicians of this renown in the same venue, and we are especially fortunate to hear them here in Oakmont.This will undoubtedly be a concert for treasured memories.

If you wish to reserve a table of eight persons, please submit your reservation as soon as possible, (with the total amount due, and each of the names of the persons included). Otherwise you will be seated with others and can enjoy new friends. All checks need to be made out to: the Oakmont Jazz Club, and be deposited into the Jazz Club Folder at OVA. 6637 Oakmont Drive. For any other information needed please call 707 537 7720.

The next meeting of the Jazz Club will be on Friday, May 3, at 2:00 PM, in room B of the Central Activities Center. At this meeting member Jack Weeks will play music associated with three distinct phases of jazz development – gypsy jazz, classic bebop, and soul jazz. Please come join us.