Timeline for Pickleball in Oakmont

Here are key developments along the way toward Oakmont adding pickleball to its athletic facilities for members:

–September 2013, Long Range Planning Committee recommends developing permanent pickleball facility, with temporary use of an East Rec tennis court.

–November 2013, Play begins at East Rec.

Oakmont’s new pickleball courts sparkle in the sun ahead of a June 11 dedication ceremony. (Photo by Julie Kiil)

–December 2013, Planning begins for what initially included a multi-sport court, later dropped for lack of interest and to save money.

–Aug. 5, 2014, Plans for new courts get favorable reaction at board workshop.

–May 11, 2015, Consultant says central location best, with sound barriers.

–June 17, 2015, More than 250 hear project plans at town hall held by OVA and Pickleball Club.

–Nov. 17, 2015, Ellen Leznik delivers petitions which she said carried 230 signatures, more than needed to call a special meeting. The petitions also sought a vote on the proposal at the meeting; the board said no member vote was required.

–Dec. 10, 2015, City Planning Commission votes 5-0 to approve a conditional use permit.

–Jan. 26, 2016, More than 400 turn out as 37 speakers voice opinions on the project at a public meeting.

–June 21, 2016, Board approved spending up to $300,000 plus contingencies. Director Frank Batchelor said “We have the money available,” noting there was $755,000 in OVA’s capital improvement funds.

–Sept 20, 2016, Board awards construction and landscaping contracts.

–Jan. 4, 2017, city issues building permit.

–April 3, 2017, Construction starts.

–April 4, 2017, Project halted after new board sworn in on second day of construction.

–Oct. 31, 2017, Acoustical consultant tells Board East Rec site meets city noise rules.

–April 19, 2018, City approves tennis court conversion.

–May 1, 2018, Board approves in contracts to convert two East Rec tennis courts to pickleball.

–May 17, 2018, Contractor begins conversion of tennis courts for pickleball.

–June 11, 2018, Dedication of new courts.