Star Power

For Rotary, it’s always “the season”. Not just a date on the calendar or a holiday in December. It’s always the season for giving, that is. But, wait, I’m betting you’ve been getting tons of solicitations in the mail asking you to send money — give, give, give! It’s so overwhelming, especially at this time of year. What are you to do?

I’m one of those “bleeding heart” types. I just want to save the world, make everyone happy! My late husband used to get so frustrated with this attitude and he’d say, “Charity begins at home, you know!” Well, yes, I did know that, but we always had enough and to me it felt like we could share with others. He was certainly a giving person, but much more restrained than I am. My point here is that most of us aren’t Bill Gates or Elon Musk, so we need to be a bit more careful with our hard-earned dollars or retirement monies.

Also, in this “tis the season,” there are multitudes of scams popping up everywhere, and they all sound legitimate. There is a way to help those in need through organizations that are reputable and give the most of each dollar you contribute directly to the intended.

To find out if the charity you support is doing a good job, check out Charity Navigator. Charity Navigator began in 2001 and assesses non-profits. It’s a helpful guide to know if your charity dollars are going where you want them to go. Rotary International is rated very high. Out of 100, Rotary is rated 99.40 overall and given 4 Stars (their highest rating). They are rated at 100 for accountability & transparency. Your dollars go a very long way when you contribute to Rotary.
The Rotary Club of Valley of the Moon (VOM) is thoroughly committed to continuing their efforts to help support services for women and children. They award scholarships through 10,000 Degrees and work with the Rincon Valley Unified School District on educational projects at the elementary level.

Did you know that Valley of the Moon Rotary supports the Oakmont Volunteer Drivers by paying their umbrella liability insurance policy every year for those of you who volunteer to drive folks to appointments, etc.? They also had the beautiful benches all around Oakmont painted by upcoming artists and continue to maintain them each year. Did you know that, before COVID, Rotary along with Kiwanis put on the annual Veteran’s Day Luncheon at the Vet’s Memorial Building which fed 700 people every year (thanks to phenomenal food supplied by Oakmont Village Market) and put on a spectacular program to honor our military?

I hope this gives you just a glimpse of some of the endeavors of our Valley of the Moon Rotary club and we invite you to join us to not only hear more about our activities but to join in the camaraderie of our membership. We meet most Thursdays at 8:00AM at the Oakmont Gardens and hopefully you will have an enjoyable breakfast and consider membership in our wonderful organization.


Back To Broadway

David Burnham was last seen on Broadway in the mega-hit musical, “Wicked”, playing Fiyero, a role that he originated in the developmental workshops of the show.