Lawn Bowling 10/1/2018

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Tournament Results & Upcoming Events

  • Phil Bowman

TIME CHANGE: Daily draws start at 12:30 beginning October 1st. You probably expected this since you changed your clock yesterday, right?


Open Singles: 14 men and women registered for this single elimina-tion tourney which started August 30. After two rounds that day, 4 were left standing to play in the semi-finals: Jeana Garcia vs. Jim Krause; and Jeff Vanderheyden vs. Marilyn Garland. In the semi-finals Jim beat Jeana and Jeff beat Marilyn leading to an all male finals where Jim was really on his game and won going away.


Novice Singles: Was to be played Wednesday, September 19. Watch for results in our next edition.

Halloween: October 31st @ 2:00 PM

Thanksgiving: November 20th @ 12:30 PM

An opportunity to play in something other than whites! In fact, you can wear whatever your little heart desires. But you must still pay TWO BUCKS!


The Single Boomers Club joined us on September 11th. There were 22 of them together with us for a total of about 50. A lively bunch, one of them, Barbara Baker, won a bottle of wine by firing a bowl into the clown’s mouth. We enjoyed various side dishes and sweets that topped off the bar-becue cooking by the able Rob Lenahan.


Become an Assistant. Tony Lachowicz has been in charge of these Demo Day events for some time and would like someone to become his co-chair with a view to taking responsibility for future events. Please con-tact Tony (he’s in the Green Book) and let him know you are interested and willing.


To All Oakmont residents: Come try your hand at the sport you see played on the green next to the Activity Center. Lawn Bowling! You are in-vited to try your hand at the game each and every SATURDAY, 12:00 p.m. to 1:30 p.m. We’ll have demonstrations and mini lessons. Smooth sole shoes (no cleats) only, please. See you on the green!

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