Town Hall Meeting to Discuss OGC Bailout

■Jim Golway

These should be the best of times for the Oakmont Golf Club. Both courses are in the best condition ever and, despite a continual hike in prices, the Quail Inn remains as busy as ever. One would think the club would be a bunch of happy golfers, but instead, the members are worried. The OGC is in serious financial trouble and is now reaching out to the community in hopes the Oakmont Village Association will come to their rescue.

All residents are invited to a Town Hall meeting Monday, February 26, at the East Recreation Center. Representatives of the OGC will discuss such matters as: reasons why the golf course is in financial jeopardy, ideas on how the OVA could help subsidize the OGC and, the value the village gains from having two courses and the Quail Inn.

This would be the OGC’s second Town Hall. The first was held in November. According to an article in the Kenwood Press, Barbara Robinson, president of the OGC board, told the gathering that the golf courses might need just “a little bit every month” from Oakmont residents. The idea of a $10 increase in monthly dues was suggested.

The Town Hall meeting begins at 5:00 p.m. Refreshments will be served. For additional information contact Barbara Robinson at: