Tribute to Fleetwood Mac

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When: April 18

Where: Berger Center, Auditorium Style Seating

Time: 6:00 (doors open), 6:30 (music begins)

Band: Fleetwood Mask

Cost: FREE (Members + one guest)

Remember the albums “Rumours,” “Tusk,” and “Mirage?” How about the names Stevie Nicks, Lindsey Buckingham, Mick Fleetwood and Christine and John McVie? If you do, then you know you are in for a treat. If you don’t, once the music of this tribute band starts, you will say, “Oh, yeah, I remember this song!” Come join your Boomer friends for this great concert, where, no doubt, there will be dancing in the aisles! Registration is necessary either with the coupon below returned to the Boomer folder in the OVA office or on the website ( This event is open to members, and each member may bring one guest.

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APRIL 18, 2019 @ the Berger Center 6:30-8:30PM.  Doors open @ 6:00PM

Cost is FREE for members and ONE NON-MEMBER GUEST per member

UNRESERVED AUDITORIUM STYLE SEATING.  If you wish to sit with friends, please plan to arrive together.




The DEADLINE for reservations is no later than 3PM, APRIL 16th 2019. If you have any questions about this event please contact,



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