Two Sheep Killed, One Injured By Mountain Lion

Injured sheep waits in its trailer before being taken to the shepherd’s home base in the Central Valley. (Photo by Julie Kiil.)

By Julie Kiil

A mountain lion  killed two sheep and seriously injured a third sometime overnight on June 21 on the Oakmont property adjacent to Trione-Annadel State Park over the hill behind the Oakmont community garden.

Shepherds confirmed what they said was a rare attack while loading the injured animal into a trailer for a trip back to its home ranch at Coalinga in the Central Valley.

The flock was about ready to be moved to the field across from the gardens on Stone Bridge Road. They were safely huddled there Saturday as temperatures soared toward 100 degrees.

The sheep are being used to eat down fields of tall grass. The herd began grass control earlier at the East Rec Center and then moved to the west side of Oakmont.

Sheep huddle along Stone Bridge Road across from the Community Garden June 23.