Bridge Duplicate

Last Updated: 09-20-18

The Duplicate Bridge Club is a friendly, low-key group who enjoy a more challenging way of playing bridge. There is a small fee, currently $4.00, which pays for a professional club “director” who organizes and officiates the game, and pays for our club membership with the American Contract Bridge League. We enjoy coaching newcomers to our ranks. First time players may play for free, but you need to remind the recorder if you are a “first timer”.
What is Duplicate? In social bridge, a new hand is dealt every time, and a player’s score often reflects quite a bit of luck. In duplicate bridge the hands are dealt only once, and then played by nearly everyone. Your overall score is based on how well you do with each hand compared to everyone else who played those hands. Another significant difference is that bidding is silent and uses colored bid cards from a bid box. We often have a free bridge lesson before our evening game.
If you enjoy bridge and want a fun, friendly and competitive way to improve your skills, bring your partner and try us out.
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