Square Dancing (Oakmont Squares)

Last Updated: 06-12-19

You may remember square dancing from your school days or from old-time movies. If so, you will hardly recognize square dancing today! Square dancing has a long heritage, coming to America with the earliest settlers but has changed over the years and continues to evolve. It is for the active in heart and mind—a great physical exercise and a mental challenge.

With all its moving and turning, square dancing provides more than the daily dose of heart- and bone-healthy physical exercise. Dancing regularly improves balance and coordination. Remembering all the calls — from ‘Do-si-do’ to ‘Pass the Ocean’ — keeps the mind sharp. It reduces stress and is so engaging that you leave your worries at the door!

The companionship that regular square dancing offers is an antidote to depression and loneliness. Square dancing is friendship set to music!

Eight people dancing together form a square, and the caller is there to speak and sometimes sing the steps. We are delighted to announce our first visit from popular professional caller, Lawrence Johnstone. Lawrence is a wonderful caller who makes square dancing fun at all levels. He has a great singing voice and entertains the dancers with such favorites as “Ain’t Misbehavin”, “Steppin’ Out”, “You’ll Never Know”, “Blueberry Hill” and so many more.

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