Understanding Human Rights – Myanmar and Ethiopia (Tigray)

This activity/event has already happened.

The Great Decisions discussion group has put together a panel to lead a discussion about two of the world’s most difficult human rights situations – Myanmar and the Tigray people of Ethiopia.

This meeting will be June 21 at 10 AM on Zoom.

The panel includes an economist who was the World Bank Country Director for Ethiopia and Sudan and has served as an advisor to the Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development of Myanmar; an anthropologist who focuses on indigenous people’s land rights — primarily in South East Asia, but also in Ethiopia and India ; an Oakmont resident who is an anthropologist and has worked with Myanmar government personnel; and an Oakmont resident who spent two years living and working in Ethiopia.

There will be some advance readings.

If you would like to hear the panel and participate in the discussion, please email oakmontgd@gmail.com.