Understanding mRNA Vaccines – Wednesday, December 2, at 4 PM

This event has already happened.

The Symposium Broadcast Series has scheduled a talk on mRNA vaccines for Wednesday, December 2. at 4 PM.

The news from Pfizer about their outstanding initial results for a COVID-19 vaccine makes it important to understand this type of vaccine, which is very different from conventional vaccines. It is based on messenger RNA (mRNA) and will be the first time any vaccine has been commercialized using this new technology. Another company, Moderna, also has an mRNA vaccine.

Professor Joseph Lin of Sonoma State, who teaches both Immunology and Virology, will lecture about what an mRNA vaccine is, why it is different, and why it represents a major advance in vaccine technology. There will be an opportunity for extensive Q&A after his lecture.

If you’d like to participate in the Zoom meeting, email futureoakmont@gmail.com and we’ll add you to the list.