United Nations presentation by Herb Behrstock

Herb Behrstock gave a very stimulating talk about the UN and how it functions. Some of the highlights of his talk that were mentioned were,
While the UN is not perfect and cannot prevent wars or invasions, it is the best solution we have in place to promote world peace.
Some UN benefits, Herb pointed out include:
1. Ukrainian grain shipments are in UN ships
2. UN created the International Atomic Energy Agency and the World Health Organization
3. UN created international aviation coordination for airplane landings in different countries
4. The UN provides a forum for countries to get together and try to solve international problems
5. Because Asia would not accept Israel in their group, Israel is in the Western Europe and Others Group.
Herb also gave a historical list of UN functions dealing with Israel which include:
 Partition – UN 1947
 Recognition – UN 1948-1949 (sovereignty)
 ‘Zionism as form of Racism’ – 1975-1991 (etc!)
 Regional Group Rep – 2000 “Western Europe & Other”
 UN Conference “Anti-semitism” — 2003
 VP UN General Assembly — 2005
 Holocaust Remembrance Day, Week –2012
 Chair, Policy Committees – 2016, 2018
September’s talk will be given by Sandy Anderson from the Jewish Community Center of Sonoma County. JCCs promote Jewish culture and heritage through holiday celebrations, Israel-related programming, and other Jewish education In particular she will be focusing on the 55 plus activities that the JCC provides via the Friendship Circle. The program will take place on September 18 at 2 PM in Oakmont’s East Rec Center.
Everyone in Oakmont is welcome to join the Jewish Interest Group. Please contact via email Howard at howard@sidorsky.com


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