Update On Slow Burn Workout

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  • John Phillips

I performed 5 exercises, each rep lasted a total of 60 seconds (30 seconds contractions, 30 seconds extension), completing anywhere between 6 to 10 sets. The exercises performed were the assisted pullup, chest press, seated row, squat and the hip hinge (deadlift).

The best part of the workout was that I only needed to do it once a week. The worst part of the routine was if I missed that once a week, I missed the workout. So, for busy people it would work out pretty well. Did I see any results? No, not like I did when I was working out three times a week on a full body workout or when I did a body split routine. I feel that my cardio vascular suffered from not perform any cardio, which according to what I read about this routine, it was to provide a form of cardiovascular work for you.

Most people think that the routine would be boring, however, the challenge of maintaining the 30 second time for a movement was very challenging. Also, I found that I was having difficulty in getting my 6 sets in some cases, and not able to keep it under 10 sets in other cases. The burn that I felt within my muscles felt different than the burn I feel during a regular workout. The ache in the muscles seemed to be a little different and deeper, which I really didn’t like. The ache was similar to that of coming down with the flu.

I do suggest that you give it a try or maybe a 10 second burn. More than anything, most of us could benefit if we were to slow down in our workout. Be sure to make sure you are controlling the weight and it’s not controlling you. Also, make sure you are working to failure, let the muscle tell the brain it can’t do anymore and not the brain saying that you’re done.

If you would like to review this workout or have any other questions, please stop by the center or call 707-494-9086, or email wkuout2@aol.com . I look forward to seeing everyone at the Fitness Center.

NOTE: We have a new digital scale. To operate, DO NOT STEP ON IT…Press the On/Off button first, then when the “0.0” shows, step on it. It will beep when it has locked in the weight. The scale can also calculate your BMI, if you are interested in that option, check with me and I will show you how to do it.


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