Updating the Oakmont Plant Care Co-Op

Updating the Oakmont Plant Care Co-Op

Hi Oakmont, the Oakmont Plant Care Co-Op list is being updated–to ensure current contact information is correct and to welcome new members.

The Co-Op is a free service– members simply help each other. If a member has to be away from home and needs plant care (usually watering) then a nearby member is contacted. The members arrange a meeting with each other and plant care is worked out. It’s that simple. No hours or point systems are involved as in some other co-ops. It’s really just neighbors contacting each other when plant care is needed, then reciprocating, if they are available when called.
Note–plant care is not intended for watering big landscape areas.

Co-op Founders, Shirley and Bob Phillips, coordinate the list, create a membership spread sheet and create a map that shows rough location of members. To join or update your information, please email: plantcare100@yahoo.com In the subject line, please put your name and “want to join” or “want to update.” For example: Jane Doe–Want to Join. Please do not contact Bob or Shirley by phone.

So consider joining. It’s a great way to get your plants watered and getting to know nearby neighbors.


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