Valley of the Moon Club Drought Plan

Dear Oakmont Homeowners,

We are all aware of the drought conditions in Northern California. In a attempt to do our share in conserving the water supply, we have adopted the following irrigation procedures on both of our golf courses. These measures will affect those who have homes adjacent to either the Valley of the Moon or Sugarloaf courses. Our normal irrigation schedule includes watering the entire golf courses. This means greens, tees, and rough areas. The rough areas located next to most homes on the course are the areas that we will utilize to lower our water usage and we have begun to not water. You will notice that these areas will dry out and not have the (green) look of the other areas. We will make sure that the dry areas are cut down to prevent any fire hazards. We will continue to make improvements on both courses. We appreciate your understanding during these difficult times.

Thank you,

John Theilade
Director of Golf
Valley of the Moon Club


AARP Driver Safety Course

A newly designed AARP Smart Driver course is returning to the Oakmont Central Activities Center starting in August. Note: The June 23 class was cancelled. 

Movie: The Best of Me

A pair of former high school sweethearts reunite after many years when they return to visit their small hometown.