Vantaca –  a new payment platform to be used by OVA and the members starting October 2022 

Starting October 1, OVA will transition to a new payment software platform called Vantaca. Members will access the new platform through the current accounting management company, Condominium Financial Management (CFM).  

The Vantaca platform offers many online capabilities and member benefits in addition to payment portal services, and over the coming months, OVA will introduce these additional services as they become ready.   

Members will receive instructions from CFM on how to log into the Vantaca Portal before the week of 10/1/2022.  Instruction will also be available on the OVA website. 

Access to the portal between the time members receive instructions and 10/4/2022 will be unavailable while the accounting data are transitioned to Vantaca.  

Billing statements will look different. Auto Pay settings will remain as is. No action is needed on the part of members.  

While Vantaca offers other online services for members, the first phase for OVA will be the payment portal.  

“We are pleased to offer this transition to a new platform that will provide increased and easy access to several member services,” said Christel Antone, OVA general manager. “Over the coming months, new services will be made available, including member payment history, an app for smart phones, access to architectural applications and much more.” 

OVA and CFM will be sending more information on other features that Vantaca offers in the coming weeks.