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Variety – John Phillips

The gym population is finally returning to the center and the number of attendees continues to increase. For some, the return was arduous and for others it seemed as if they never left. For most, it has caused some short circuits and people have forgotten some of the rules: such as wiping the equipment down after use. We have always requested that the machines be wiped down after you have used them, the only difference is the wipes. We are currently using the small green and white packages that are lying around on many of the machines. Simply lift the top and hopefully pull one sheet out to wipe the machine. When we are able, we will be returning to the grayish tubs that are hanging on the wall in three different areas.
Ok, so what does that have to do with variety? Well, if you haven’t been wiping down the machines then mix it up and start. See how that works. You can incorporate the same principle in your workouts. If you are still doing the same routine since March, when we re-opened, then you are probably in need of a mix up. It takes approximately six to eight weeks for the body to adapt to any changes being made, depending on how hard you are working. The purpose of working out is to change or challenge the body in some manner, whether it is cardiovascular or muscular. We are trying to make changes, hopefully for the better. Once the body has adapted to a situation then it will not change any more. To continue improving our health, we must continue to change the situation so that we improve.

As I have stressed in the past, the variations do not need to be huge. It can be as simple as a change in the number of sets or reps. It could be time to try a totally different type of workout or a class that you have had you eyes on. Whatever it is, give it some time to work before you totally disregard it.

If you have any questions regarding this article or any fitness issue please stop by and see me at the Fitness Center or call me at 707-494-9086, or email me at I look forward to seeing everyone at the Fitness Center.


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