Venting of gas lines will begin Tuesday April 30 at 10 AM

Automated calls went out on Friday to residents within 1000 feet of the lines to let them know that crews will release natural gas throughout the day. If residents hear or smell natural gas, it’s PG&E gas crews venting the line. If a resident didn’t receive an automated call, then PG&E does not have their current phone number or address on their account, a spokesperson said.

This is part of a project to enhance the safety and reliability of the natural gas pipeline system. The work should not impact gas service to anyone. While crews work, residents and passersby may smell natural gas and hear a loud, hissing noise as gas is released from the pipeline in a safe and controlled process. If you have any safety concerns, please call PG&E at 1-800-743-5000. Visit online at to learn more about Pacific Gas & Electric’s pipeline safety programs.