VoM Rotary 1-1-20 Yo Ho Hum

Well the post-holiday season is now upon us. After that adrenalin fueled retail rush subsides and the detritus of all our celebratory machinations starts to appear, it’s all downhill. Reality really strikes as you cruise the neighborhoodand see the carcasses of once noble fir trees lining the street for trash pickup. Only a month before, they were the stars of the show, a sentimental favorite, indispensable…and now, merely the first casualtiesof winter. The lighting displays seem to take alot longer to remove than to set up. I suppose the process is fairly demoralizing to even the most optimistic person. Then there’s the hypnotic lureof wine, rich seasonal treats and tons of sugar, the presence of whichinduce us all to mimic the behavior of rodents in some Pavlovianexperiment. Who invented Egg Nog anyway? The holiday season has grown so lengthy that we limp into January in dire need of some lifestyle changes. Fasting, temperance and exercise offer the only antidote to excess. What to do now is the question. Everything seems to have reached its’ expiration date, the Football season is quickly waning and though it will free up entire weekends, it just means we’ll soon have more time to figure out how to fill. It’s either going to be too dark, too cold or too wet outside to do most of the things that can put us back on track. Perhaps we should go inside, literally and perform a little self-maintenance. A chance, if you will, to pull in for a mental pit stop and take note of our priorities. Much good cheer and sentiment has been released into the community and yet it is always in danger of disappearing faster than a manger scene come January. Peace on earth is the predominant sentiment. It’s a good rallying cry but an almost toothless one at this point dulled by repetition and elusiveness. In keeping with the basic concept though, it occurred to me that a little refocusing is in order. Perhaps a slightly different sentiment that we can put into practice, individually, every day. How about RESPECT? It strikes me as a good place to start. There’s little doubt that the rampant divisiveness which surrounds us could not exist in a climate of mutual respect. Respect seems to be a fundamental characteristic of Rotary International itself, and by extension, so is it for our own club here in Oakmont. We hope you’ll think about surrounding yourself with some great energy in the new year and pay us a visit.

We have some interesting speakers lined up for January.

Jan. 3th – Jim Masters from the Center for Community Futures.

Jan. 10th – Economic Forecast with our own Marie Theilade (Merrill Lynch)

Jan. 17th – A speaker from the Polly Klass Foundation.

Jan. 24th – Our first afternoon meeting of the new year (cocktails yay) @ E. Rec. 4:30 p.m.

Jan. 31st – The CEO from the Clean Power Exchange Center for Climate Protection.

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