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VOM Rotary 6-15-2019

Oakmont Rotary Club

The Ides of June Await

John Brodey

And change is in the air. As the old joke goes: Life is like underwear, it should be changed twice a day. That is a bit much by most standards unless you run a preschool, so here at the Valley of the Moon Rotary our changing of the guard is an annual event. As is the case with the over 1000 other Rotary clubs around the world, June 30th marks the end of our year and so it is a transitional time on many levels. We will see Barb Spangler’s term as our District Governor come to an end. We are so proud and grateful to her, as she is the first VOM’er to ever serve as District Governor. It’s a big job and with her usual warmth and passion she proved to be a remarkable unifying force for the 47 clubs scattered throughout the district. The DG is perhaps the most important position in all of Rotary as it is the connective tissue between local clubs and the parent organization, Rotary International.

Our own club president, Shawn Hetherman will be similarly ‘decommissioned’ through a special dinner and ceremony called a ‘debunking’. This involves saying a few nice things about their year of leadership and then indulging in some good old fashioned character assassination with a skit performed by club members whose mission is to embarrass themselves as much as the guest of honor . In the past, they have featured unsettling images such as a chorus line of old men in women’s bathing suits doing an Esther Williams routine or a few costumed rodents of unusual size mugging hikers. Shawn has been a vivacious president with enough energy to power several clubs at the same time.

On July 5th our incoming President, Susan Boak, will take the mic and gavel. You may know Susan as the fearless leader of our fundraising activities and architect of the annual Crab Feed. We anticipate a significant increase in organizational infrastructure given Susan’s pre-occupation with the Coldstream Guards (I’m not wearing one of those fuzzy hats). Our board of directors is made up of committee chairpersons for our avenues of service; Club Service, Rotary Foundation, Youth Services, Membership and other officers. There will be some change there as new members of the club become more involved in leadership roles.

Obviously, lining up a year’s worth of speakers who can entertain, inform, inspire and amaze us with their experience is vital as they comprise just about half of every breakfast meeting. It’s an intimate setting size wise which enables us to engage the speakers in dialogue. It’s always a highlight. So, what are you waiting for? Why wait until New Year’s to get a fresh start? You can reset your course at the halfway mark. Contact Daymon Doss our continuing Membership Chair and tell him you’d like to stop by and join us for breakfast, his email address is Don’t be a stranger; visit us online at



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