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• John Brodey

Taking Care of Business was Elvis’ motto. In fact, if he gave you one of those diamond encrusted TCB bracelets, you were part of his inner circle, you were on his board of directors. Frank was the Chairman of the Board. I was never sure what Board it was…the rat pack? If so, what was Joey Bishop in charge of? Suffice it to say, most boards are pretty important. They make big decisions and have the burden of responsibility to make the right ones. But as I always say, whenever you have two people or more working together there will be drama. My friend Peter has a good joke about boards: The President of the local congregation goes to visit the Temple’s rabbi who is in the hospital after suffering a mild heart attack. He walks in the room and says to the rabbi; “I just wanted to let you know that the board voted 10 to 4 to wish you a speedy recovery”.

We are surrounded by boards and there are some pretty good ones. Personally, I prefer the kind that are manned by volunteers, not by a bunch of corporate hacks who get fat checks for just showing up. The boards of non-profit charitable organizations and neighborhood associations, for example, have fiduciary responsibilities. They are tasked with processing the considerable amount of regular business and making decisions that could not be managed by the membership at large. In boards, we must trust.

Our OVA board, for example, has shown itself to be very thorough, hardworking and committed to acting in the best interests of the community. It’s a thankless job in many ways but those who do the work aren’t in it for the glory. They are doing it because someone has to. VOM Rotary has a board of volunteer members as well. As a charitable/service organization, we are accountable to our generous donors. Our board is made up of our club President and officers, the directors of our avenues of service; youth, international and community (where over 90% of our funds go) as well as club and vocational services. Also, on the board are our fundraising and Rotary Foundation chairs.

Our last board position is filled by our director of membership, Daymon Doss, whose name is mentioned so you know who to contact at

drsadoss@comcast.net if you’d like to join us for breakfast some Friday morning. Some changes are afoot this term and so included in our upcoming meeting schedule for ’19 and ’20, there will be five Friday afternoon meetings that will include adult beverages (yay). We owe a big thank you to our boards for their tireless efforts and the integrity with which they serve those who put their faith in them. We also have an at large board member chosen from our membership. There are some great speakers coming up in August: including a presentation by Winnie Singh from MaitriIndia, a wine tasting (yes in the afternoon) and a report from Sonoma County airport manager John Stout. Join us!!!



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