Walking on the Golf Paths

Wait for It…

 Oakmont is excited about the potential for accessing golf course paths for walking, biking and more. But using this new amenity won’t be available until the sale is closed and OVA and Advance Golf Partners develop and implement policy around allowing access to paths for non-golfers.

 Until this time, the grounds remain the property of the Oakmont Golf Club and the current rules prohibiting public access for walking remain in effect. This applies to Oakmont residents, the public in general and to OGC members as well.  The courses were closed Dec. 16 and remain the property of OGC. Limited food and beverage are available Thursdays through Mondays. Completion of the sale and transition are expected to take two to three months.

 Gary Smith, OGC board president, is urging everyone to resist the temptation to stroll on the courses, which are largely unsupervised and can present risk.

“We ask for and appreciate the support of all Oakmont residents in respecting the rights of the OGC and their rules until changes in policy are developed and officially implemented,” he said.