Water Aerobic Classes 6-15-2019

Valerie Hulsey

One of the most important things you can do for yourself is to stay healthy and strong. A good way to achieve that is to exercise as often as possible. Here in Oakmont we are fortunate to be able to participate in Water Aerobic classes every week day so we invite you to join one of the classes listed below and see for yourself how good you will feel after a few sessions.

No special equipment is needed when you start – lots of available noodles and buoys at the pool for your use.

The Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) classes are in full swing and the NO FEE classes shown below are paid for by the SRJC Adult Program and the other classes are $8.00 Drop in Fee.


Monday 9:00 $8.00 10:00 No fee SRJC Class

Tuesday 9:00 No fee SRJC 10:15 No Fee SRJC Class

Wednesday 9:00 $8.00 10:00 No fee SRJC Class

Thursday 9:00 No fee SRJC 10:15 No Fee SRJC Class

Remember if we don’t keep the numbers up for the classes the JC will cancel their sponsorship.


Julie is teaching her 10:00 AM Friday classes. There is a $6.00 drop in fee for those.