Water Aerobics Update 10-29-2020

~ Valerie Hulsey

You must register for the Water Aerobic Classes being taught at the West Pool.  Only 16 people are allowed in a class and most classes are full.  

Every day we have duplicate reservations.  Your confirmation email may take a few minutes so please do not resubmit to avoid duplicates. 

Cancellations:  The only way to cancel online is by using the cancel tab on your confirmation email or you can call the OVA office and leave a message (539-1611). 

We often have “stand bys” – Members who registered but are not on the list or those who tried to register but the class was full.  If you are late to class and there are people waiting they will be given your spot so you need to be at the pool at least 5 minutes before class start times. 

Only Oakmont residents are allowed to participate. The link to register is: 


  1. Click on the Water Aerobics West 1 hour 
  2. Click on the date you want 
  3. Click on the time you want 
  4. Scroll down and enter your information 

If no times are shown for the day you selected that means the classes are full.

At the West Pool the 9:00 AM participants must put their towels, etc. on the surfaces closest to the fence.  When the 10:10 participants arrive they will put their towels, etc. on the surfaces at the shallow end of the pool. 

The 9:00 class should exit the pool deck area as soon after the end of class as possible.  Yes, shower if you care to while social distancing, however, please do NOT stand around visiting.    The 10:10 class members are coming in so the 9:00 class participants need to exit the pool area as soon as possible.  

Santa Rosa Junior College (SRJC) will NOT be sponsoring these classes so there is an $8.00 fee for all classes. 

The locker rooms will not be open but the outdoor shower is available.  The restroom by the Tennis Courts will also be available.  Bring your own equipment (Noodles & Buoys) as none will be available at the pool.  Do not leave anything at the pool as it will be thrown away – there is NO Lost & Found 

Please wear your mask when you arrive and you may take it off when you are going to enter the pool.  While on the deck you need to maintain the 6’ distance rule.  Please remember to shower before going in the pool. 

FRIDAY CLASSES: Reservations are also required for the Friday classes. 

9:00 AM is a “Boom Box” class – no fee.  Julie is teaching the 10:00 class for an $8 fee.   

You must sign up for the Friday classes on line (using the link shown above).  If you have questions, about the Friday classes contact Cathy Rapp, at 537-9281 or 2cathyrapp@comcast.net

Please do everything possible to prevent anyone from complaining about anything we do as a class!!! We are trying to follow the “letter of the law” and we do not want to jeopardize our classes. 



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