Standing water on the upper floor of the West Rec Jan. 24. (Photo by Brad Moore)

Water Damage Closes West Rec

(Updated Saturday, Aug. 7)

            A blown fire sprinkler flooded the West Rec Center, causing extensive water damage that is expected to close the building for a minimum of three months.

            Water flooded the second floor and flowed down walls to the first floor main room and the locker and restrooms adjacent to the swimming pool, which remains open.

            Members are barred from the main building for health and safety reasons.

            Groups that use the West Rec were rescheduled in other OVA facilities.

            The Fire Department responded to an alarm caused by the failed sprinkler at around 3 p.m. Saturday July 24, and firefighters helped start cleanup by squeegeeing water off the floors. OVA General Manager Kimberly Rowland, Maintenance Supervisor Gildardo Perez and volunteers arrived to direct and help with the cleanup. A remediation company was called in with fans and dehumidifiers and a construction company contacted to determine repair requirements.

            Damage includes the walls and floor surfaces, the lower floor’s drop ceiling, and the old popcorn ceiling above. That old ceiling contained asbestos, and removal of the asbestos was completed and the building was tested and cleared on Monday, Aug. 2 so other work could move forward.

            Assessment of the damage showed all areas with 60 percent or higher water damage readings, Rowland said. Drywall had to be removed back to wall studs. 

            The sprinkler that blew out was in the high vaulted ceiling area on the east side of the building, near the tennis courts. The sprinkler was probably 30 or 40 years old. Sprinklers in the building did not have pressure relief valves, Rowland said. OVA was sprinkler systems in other buildings to be sure they had pressure relief valves. 

            With closure of the rest rooms on the lower floor, members using the swimming pool and spa can use the single rest room near the tennis courts.

            OVA opened an insurance claim for the damage, which is expected to easily exceed the policy’s $10,000 deductible.

            Anita Roraus, the OVA’s events administrative assistant, was working with groups using the West Rec to schedule them to meet elsewhere.

Water shines on the lower floor of the West Rec Jan. 24. Note ceiling damage. (Photo by Brad Moore)