Weight Training and the Heart

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  • John Philips

Within the last couple of months, I have received two different articles noting research on how weight lifting effects the heart. One was based on research performed at the St. George University, Granada, the other was in the October issue of the Journal of Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. That article didn’t say who did the research but did say that the data was obtained from the Cooper Clinic in Dallas based on questionnaires and physicals from over 12,500 participants.

What both studies are concluding, is that moderate training with weights are as effective, and in most cases, more effective for heart health then cardiovascular exercise. The study obtained from the Dallas data showed that people who lifted weights three times a week improved their risk of a dramatic heart occurrence 50% less than someone who never lifted weights. There was a little oddity though that showed the people who lifted weights 4 or 5 times a week didn’t show the same results or any improvement and the researchers are not sure if this is totally correct. They feel that this abnormality needs more research.

The study from St. George University, basically found the same results but no mention of the oddity. Their conclusion was that people should be encouraged to work out with weights. The more mature adult can achieve a healthy heart without over doing cardiovascular exercises by incorporating weight training into their workout.

Finally, what both articles concluded is that working out with weights is a positive and should be performed at least three times a week. I

would still suggest that a cardiovascular routine should also be performed to insure oxygen endurance or lung compacity. So, again we have discovered, working out with weights and performing a good sound cardiovascular routine, with stretching to promote flexibility, is GOOD. Sitting at home, being a couch potato and making poor food choices is BAD! What a shocker, right?

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