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What in the world?

Pandemic, drought, fires, war — blah, blah, blah! What in the world is going on here? Whatever happened to “Sunday, Monday, Happy Days”? (sing it). Hopefully St. Patrick’s Day cheered you up, plus Easter is just around the corner, so get out your Easter bonnet. Where was I going with this? Oh yes, Springtime! A time for renewal and hope. It’s time to get this world back on track toward happier, healthier times. I love spring, don’t you? The birds are twittering, the grass is green, flowers are blooming all over, the trees have leafed out and, in general, people are just happier. Oh gosh, am I rambling again?

Valley of the Moon Rotary is catching the fever, spring fever! Speaking of Easter bonnets, the speaker for our Thursday, April 7th meeting is Jenny from The Hattery of Sonoma County talking about Easter Bonnets. That should get everyone in the mood for a happy, joyful spring. I’ll bet you didn’t even know about The Hattery of Sonoma County. It’s on Petaluma Hill Road right here in Santa Rosa and it has every kind of hat you could even imagine. This would be a great meeting to visit to see if you’re interested in what Valley of the Moon Rotary is all about. Our meeting is at 8 a.m. at the East Rec Center. Most members come around 7:30, grab a cup of coffee and Danish and get some “chat time” in with folks you’ve probably met around Oakmont at one time or another. VOM Rotarians are a very friendly, social group.

This group’s other Springtime endeavor is to get us out and volunteer. A recent speaker at VOM Rotary was Lisa Cannon, Director of Development from the Redwood Empire Food Bank (REFB), a great place to volunteer.
Lisa reminded us that Sonoma County is rich in food, but 1-in-6 residents are food insecure. The food bank was serving over 10,000 families a month, but in just 18 days when Covid shut them down that number jumped to 30,000.
Redwood Empire Food Bank serves more than just Sonoma County. They reach as far north as the Oregon border, covering Lake, Mendocino, Del Norte and Humboldt Counties.
To date, there is still no surplus of food. It’s food in, food out. Food is donated by many corporations, 113 of them, plus local dairies and farms. Money donations from individuals are 52% of their revenue, totaling $13,574,000.
Important fact: Every $1.00 donated gives the food bank $4.00 in buying power.
REFB has 82 staff members and more than 10,000 dedicated volunteers. Volunteers are always needed, even if you need a sit-down job. Many VOM Rotary members have volunteered there and it’s an eye-opener to see what a well-oiled machine the food bank has become, plus it gives you a warm feeling all over to know you’re helping feed the masses, especially the children.
So, there you go – Happy Springtime everybody. Come and visit Valley of the Moon Rotary.


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