What’s Growing On at the Community Garden 8-15-2019

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– Osha Hayden

It’s the time you’ve wasted on your rose that makes it so important.” – Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Encounters of the Avian Kind

When you enter the gardens, you’ll soon discover the magic of thriving life. Here are a couple of stories from our members.

A Hummingbird Story from Shirley Philips

I was in the garden, late one afternoon, watering some plants overhead while holding the garden water hose.  A little hummingbird decided to take a shower. This little bird was only three feet away from me–flying in and out of the water stream from the hose.  This performance lasted about five minutes. It was magical!

The Early Bird from Dennis Hall

Because I use lots of worm castings in my garden space, I have lots of worms. Big ones. Early last summer as I harvested the first of my onions, I noticed a robin watching me from the fence nearby. Sure enough, as soon as I walked away the robin flew down and began pulling worms from the holes left by the harvested onions.  For about a month afterwards the robin perched on the fence and eyed me as I harvested more from the garden.  Whenever I walked away, the robin would fly down and feast on the exposed worms. As curious about her as she was about me, I looked for her at each harvest and I think she recognized me as well because she would appear on the fence every time I showed up  and got a meal from my visit.

Thank you Oak Forest

Thank you to the Oak Forest HOA for contributing loads of wood chips from the trees they are pruning – yet another example of a win/win arrangement! Our volunteers are using the wood chips to cover the areas surrounding our garden to suppress the weeds and brighten the area.

Abundance from our Gardens

The garden is lush with growing things this August: Many varieties of tomatoes, greens, peppers, squash, green beans, eggplant, cucumbers, strawberries, okra, amaranth, shiso, and edible flowers like nasturtium and borage along with a bounty of other flowers and produce. If you’d like to join us in our gardening adventures, there is space available.

For more info about joining the garden please contact the OVA office at 539-1611 or email Oakmontcommunitygardengmail.com



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