Oakmont Community Garden 10/1/2018

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What’s Growing On At the Community Garden? A Successful Year!

  • Shirley Phillips
Sue Aiken Assists in Fighting Weeds (photo by Sally Lovell)

The garden has really grown this year. With the approved garden extension in place, the garden added new rows 4 and 5–placing over 20 new gardeners into the garden. Just recently, row 6 has been opened. The black plastic weed cover will be rolled back and taken away as new  gardeners are added. Dennis Hall has been busy doing orientation for our new gardeners.

It’s hard to believe that the summer garden season is coming to a close. Tomatoes are ripening and squash is traded back and forth. It’s amazing to see all the familiar and different kinds of plants: amaranth, tree kale, okra, artichokes, scarlet runner beans, bowling ball squash, white cucumbers, etc.

But Fall is in the air and gardeners will either be putting their garden spaces to sleep for the winter or starting on a Fall/Winter crop. According to the Sonoma County Master Gardener’s website, with their article, “Food Gardening: Transitioning to the Fall and Winter Food Garden” September and October is the time to get busy planting starts or seeds for hardy crops such as “broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, collards, corn salad, garlic, kale, leeks, bunching onions, radishes, Daikon radishes and spinach. Also, note that most root crops can be “stored” in the ground as long as the ground doesn’t freeze (for example, turnips and beets–unless you are growing them for their greens).” website: http://www.sonomamg.ucanr.edu

So as the garden winds down for the year, we are thankful for a bountiful harvest, good garden friends, and the opportunity to enjoy the community garden.

Note: For more information on signing up for a garden space, contact OVA at 707.539.1611 or email: Oakmontcommunitygarden@gmail.com Spaces are available.