What’s Happening to Our Local News?

Oakmont Symposium: Today, quality information hides behind paywalls, while dis/mis-information is free. Subscribers demand customized content curated for their viewpoint. Local newspapers and journalism jobs — the heartbeat of a free society — are disappearing. Ever present social media is designed to trigger our most volatile political emotions. Deirdre English has devoted her career to high quality, high integrity journalism. A former Editor of Mother Jones Magazine, she teaches at the Journalism Graduate School at the University of California, Berkeley. Presented Feb 27, 2022


10-4-2022: Town Hall: 2030 – What’s Next?

Come hear what was learned from this summer’s community conversations and learn about how to be a part of the working groups that will move this process forward. You must login to view this page.

The Gin Game

Have you ever viewed an Oakmont Playreaders meeting? Check out this week’s video for a reading from The Gin Game, and watch them live at their meetings coming up this September.