White Oak Drive Trees Come Down

(Photos by Julie Kiil)

          Many of the hazardous liquid amber trees along White Oak Drive in front of the Central activities Center were removed during the last week in March.

       OVA Facilities Manager Rick Aubert said the treeshad long been diseased, and were too close to power limes and damaging the irrigation system. Their aggressive roots were above ground, and Aubert said sidewalk damage and safety also were a concern.

     OVA’s landscape contractor True North’s arborist, David Huppe, recommended their removal. Huppe told OVA “The tree species is known for aggressive root systems, dangerous seed pods, and limbs that split off frequently.”

     True North felled the trees, chipped the wood and scattered the chips over the site. Four remaining liquid ambers also were to be removed. The trees will be replaced with crape myrtles when tree planting can resume after the coronavirus restrictions end.