By: Star Power
WHO are Rotarians?
Did you know Rotarians come from all walks of life – every nationality, religion, size and shape, every profession and non-profession. Rotary is all-inclusive. The one ingredient in common is Service Above Self, a theory Rotarians hug in their quest to help others at home and across the world.
Rotary has been known around the world, in 200 countries, for more than 110 years, and is 1.2 million people strong. These Rotarians are folks like you and me who share the same dream of a better world and know that, together, big things can be accomplished. Rotarians are people of action.
Rotarians have a sense of humor, too. Rotary meetings are not just about getting down to the business of helping, but they promote camaraderie, social togetherness and just plain fun. While working together on committees, Rotarians been known to break out in song, tell jokes and laugh out loud. So much can be accomplished working and playing together. Different points of view often meld into one great plan to solve a major issue.
Rotary has outlasted plagues, wars, depressions, political turmoil, major disasters, and now Shelter in Place. Rotary is still here and still accomplishing major goals.
Valley of the Moon Rotary has fundraisers every year to create a budget for the next Rotary year. These funds are not only spent in this community on education, disaster relief, support of women and children services, and aiding those in our community who are struggling, but are also spent on International projects. These just scratch the surface of the contributions made by each and every Rotary club.
Santa Rosa and surrounding towns boast 6 Rotary clubs, so you have a choice of where, what day & time to meet, but Valley of the Moon would love to have you join our Rotary club. VOM Rotary meets here in Oakmont at The Oakmont Gardens most Thursdays at 8:00 a.m., so come and check this fabulous club out.
One last recap on WHO are Rotarians?
A Rotarian is someone who, through their efforts:
Digs wells from which they will never drink
Restores eyesight for those they will never see
Builds houses they will never live in
Vaccinates children they will never meet
Plants trees they will never sit under
Educates children they will never know
Feeds hungry people, regardless of color, race or politics
A Rotarian knows real happiness.
For more information on Membership please feel free to contact our Membership chair, Daymon Doss at


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COVID-19 Test Kits

On Tuesday, May 31, COVID-19 test kits will be distributed at the Berger Center from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.  Please register at the following