John Brodey

That’s right, WELCOME BACK is the operative phrase. Vinny and the Sweathogs have come and largely gone but here we are celebrating the VOM Rotary club’s return to the roost. In this case that would mean The Oak, the reincarnation of the Quail Inn. As of this writing, the big day of July 8th will mark the beginning of our new Rotary year and our first in-person meeting since the year of living quietly began. Though it will have come and gone by the time this issue hits the stands, right now we are more excited than the guy who won $1.5 million from the California vaccination lottery. A few minor changes have been made to our usual breakfast meeting schedule. Instead of the old Friday morning routine, we will now meet on Thursday mornings (it sounded sexier apparently). And instead of beginning the meeting at 7:30 a.m. it will now move to 8:00 a.m. Habits are tough to kick and the whole issue of changing times took some deliberation, you’d have thought we wanted to institute a dress code. The logical assumption that retired people have plenty of time on their hands and are looking for things to do, isn’t entirely correct. Apparently, they really like to sleep in. Of course, you’d think that few would object to a meeting time of 8, especially if it included food. It is better than 7:30 but some people do rise very early and feel 8 a.m. interferes with lunch plans. I couldn’t keep up, but we did reach a consensus peacefully.

We will also continue with our meetings with a new Zoom component for people who are still living in pajamas only. We had had our first in person gathering on June 24th at the Wild Oak Saddle for a great dinner and the induction of our new President Lydia Harris. It was also such a pleasure to see the amazing Jack Monahan, who edits our weekly bulletin and this column, win the well-deserved Rotarian of the Year award! Go Jack! It was a great night for many reasons not the least of which was seeing new members who had joined the club over the last year plus and whom we had never seen in the flesh. Damn it was fun.

We now begin our new year and extend a hearty invite to those of you who would like to get back in action and attend any one or two/three of our breakfast meetings. There is an energy that comes with person-to-person interactions in a group setting and it simply feels like you have been resuscitated and life never looked brighter. In the weeks to come, this column will provide more information on our speaker program which comprises have of our one-hour meeting time. People often come before the 8 start time to eat more and visit with each other. The meeting officially begins at 8:00. You can go to our website at: for more information and to let us know you’re coming.
We are easy to find, just walk into the Oak and follow your nose.


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