Why Doesn’t My NOAA Radio Make an Alert Sound?

A number of residents who received free NOAA alert radios are asking why they aren’t receiving the weekly alerts. They are, but are just not configured to create the audible alert. Some NOAA radios are configured for a “silent” test alert. In this mode, the test alert appears on the radio’s display but doesn’t make any noise. They chose this mode to address complaints by people who objected to the very loud alert tone when receiving the test alert. This “silent” mode does not affect how the radio performs when an actual alert is sent; with real alerts (i.e. not a test) the radio will broadcast a very loud tone and verbalize the nature of the alert. If you want to receive the audible alert, you simply need to enable it through the radio’s menu. The instructions for making changes to the radio’s settings are contained in the manual that came with the radio. Depending on which user’s manual you received, the instructions on enabling audible alerts is ither on Page 5 or Page 8 of the manual.

NOAA, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, issues a test alert every Wednesday between 11 am and noon. This routine test alert is standard NOAA practice, and is NOT initiated or controlled by any local agency (e.g. SRFD, County, or the OVA.)

If you prefer the audible alert but are either unsure of how to set it or are having difficulties, we can help. Just contact the OVA Office and we will arrange for someone to assist you either over the phone or in person.


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