Why Yellow Should Be Your Favorite Color

For VESTS, at least…  On Saturday, October 12th, the Emergency Preparedness Committee will be conducting its Fall communications drill from approx. 9 am to 11 am.  Our volunteers will don their bright yellow vests, and will walk Oakmont neighborhoods with a walkie-talkie and set up radio communications equipment at the Berger and East Rec Centers in a simulation of an earthquake affecting Oakmont. In a major disaster event, like an earthquake, it is very possible that the 911 system will be overloaded or otherwise not available. That’s where we step it. With our radio equipment and resident volunteers, we can communicate between Oakmont neighborhoods to help arrange for assistance that can be handled within our community, request help from outside first responders like the Fire Department for those that can’t be handled, and provide status updates on an emergency to residents.  

If you see one of our yellow vested volunteers on October 12th, take a moment to introduce yourself. Our volunteers will have a packet of information on how to prepare for a disaster or power outage that they will be happy to share with you. But if you DON’T see a yellow vest, it may be that you don’t have a radio volunteer in your neighborhood. If that’s the case, please consider joining our team. No special skills are required, a license isn’t needed, we’ll provide the radio, and the time commitment is minimal (about 10 hours a year!)  If you can walk and talk, and have an interest in helping your neighbors and yourself, please let us know. Either send an e-mail to <OakmontERT@gmail.com> or call Pat Barclay at 570-7500.  The life you save may be your own!!! 


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11-11-2021: Veterans Appreciation Event

Our program includes music, parading of the colors, speakers Charlie Ensley, Kathy Ruiz, Susuan Gorin & Jack Tibbetts and more. All veterans and familiy and friends of veterans are invited to our celebration. Veterans are encouraged to wear uniforms, ball caps, or insignias of the service in which they served.